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Max Ratner
Western Electric Store/Phones ‘N Things
2901 Rice Creek Terrace
New Brighton, MN 55112
651 787 DIAL (3425)

Landline Telephone Repair Shop & Service in Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN

*The Western Electric Store is the official landline telephone repair shop in Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN. We offer landline telephone repair shop & service. We also sell old telephone parts for old landline phone repairs.

PHONES ‘N THINGS, the parent company of PNT COMMUNICATIONS has recently merged with THE WESTERN ELECTRIC STORE. Max Ratner, sole proprietor, has been selling & repairing old & new phones since 1984.  PNT provides Telecom Solutions & Services to a variety of Businesses, Offices, Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Hotel & Motel Applications..

This lost art of phone repair and restorations is alive and well at THE WESTERN ELECTRIC STORE, where we have been dedicated to recycling long before it became a social concern.

Retro is back!

In the early days, most telephone equipment was owned by the telephone company. As a result, they tended to design and manufacture products that would stand the test of time and that could be easily refurbished and redeployed as required. Even though these phones were manufactured many decades ago, they usually will still work as well today as when they originally came from the factory.

Remember the Princess phones of the 60s? How about the old finger wheels? An extensive library of vintage parts allows us to handle most repairs. If we don’t have it, we’ll find it!

Most of the telephones that The Western Electric Store sells or restores have been fully refurbished, as authentic as possible, using a process that may include rewiring, repainting, polishing, and parts replacement. The phones have either been electrically upgraded to modern standards, or have been returned to factory original design.

From the wood wall phones and candlestick models from the early 1900’s, to the integrated desk phones of the 30’s and 40’s, the ageless beauty and ongoing functionality of these devices is unmatched by any comparable products available today.

If you have a phone that you would like restored to working order; want to purchase a vintage phone; or purchase individual parts – call for more information 651-787-DIAL (3425).

*The Western Electric Store is used with permission from Bell System Memorial (

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